For People whom notice 1:11 - 11:11 and Patterns



This is a collage of ideas since nobody really knows what it means. There will be those whom claim to know, but they have just convinced themselves of their own belief system as I have done.

Back in the year 2005 I was asleep and began to awake and recall I was actually chatting with a man as I was awakening from a sleep state.. I said "2018! I don't think I can last that long! He replied "that's what the man said" 

I more recently had an influx of the number 231 and 111. I decided to multiply the two numbers together. The total is 25,641. This was the second attempt not over one hundred tries to try and land on something I wanted.

The first attempt was 111x111 which from the date below landed one month after Ron Wyatt claimed to have discovered the Ark of the Covenant in Jerusalem. Maybe this date is the last time he went into the chamber after it was discovered. I have been unable to find any more dates other than 1-6-1982 related to his discovery.

I decided to take the date 5-14-1948, which is the date Israel became a nation. Much to my surprise it landed in the year 2018 using the 25,641 days from above. To be exact on 7-27-2018. I Googled the date to see there is a total lunar eclipse (blood moon) over Jerusalem that day. LINK

Another Christian woman whom sees 1111 like I do had a dream a few years back that she posted on a forum. In the dream was the number 14 and then 18, but the 18 was circled in red. My interpretation was 2018 was the red 18 on the lunar eclipse date. I wasn't sure about the 14 yet. 

It wasn't until a Jehovahs Witness posted something about 1914 that I took another look. Basically taking 2,520 years ( a number from book of Daniel) from 7-28-1914 (WW1 Starts) will land you around the destruction of the first temple. The number 14 then makes sense as 1914 in her dream. This date of WW1 is off by merely 24 hours from the lunar eclipse date on 7-27-2018.

For dating the first temple destruction it's rather difficult to be exact on BC dates. Here is a link on the subject matter. LINK

The prediction and how 1111 fits here.


From the time of the eclipse on 7-27-2018 + 2,520 days will land you in the year 2025 A.D. I believe this is the lunar period of 7 years leading up to the end involving the Anti-Christ/ Alien agenda.

2025 A.D. subtracting 1914 A.D. is 111 years. At the end of the 2,520 day period most are dead and thus begins the 1,000 year reign. 

He threw him into the Abyss, and locked and sealed it over him, to keep him from deceiving the nations anymore until the thousand years were ended. After that, he must be set free for a short time - Revelation 20:3  

The year 3025 AD satan released (recall "Satan" is anything that is considered an adversary in scripture) for a short time after 1,111 years from 1914 AD .

For understanding what Satan is refer to my articles page here. LINK

Let's back up one second on something I noticed just this morning on 12-19-2016. I decided to calculate 1,290 days from the Eclipse on 7-27-2018. This results in the date of 2-6-2022 (M/D/Y). The reason being is from this scripture from my article on 666/616 LINK

(Dan 12:11-12 NAS) "And from the time that the regular sacrifice is abolished, and the abomination of desolation is set up, there will be 1,290 days. 12 "How blessed is he who keeps waiting and attains to the 1,335 days!

I of course think that around +/- 3 days from 7-27-2018 the world will see the take over of the planet by forces that can inflict such a Mark forced upon the populous. Aliens or a Human Government backed by Alien forces. Then adding 1,290 Days will land you on 2-6-2022.

I also believe that the Ark of the Covenant will be revealed to the Earth at around this time or 45 days later as it says " "How blessed is he who keeps waiting and attains to the 1,335 days!"

Ron Wyatt claims to have found the Ark of the Covenant on 1-6-1982. I always knew that there is no such thing as coincidence, thus this is an important date in the time leading to the end. If we take 1-6-1982 to 2-6-2022 the result is 14,641 days. What's the big deal with this number?

14,641 is 11x11x11x11 which people around the world see 11's frequently including myself and I find it interesting that it happened to be that many days leading up to 2-6-2022.

If my theories are correct then on or around 7-27-2018 we shall see either Aliens or Governments working with them take over the planet. Perhaps then on 2-6-2022 the Mark of the Beast will begin. They are going to feed you complete stories about themselves claiming they created us as so forth or they are "space brothers here to help mankind" or something along these lines. Most will fall for it because people don't believe in the Bible any longer. These of course are Serpents also referred to as Satans. If you don't understand what I mean then you have to spend time reading my articles on that paticular subject. LINK

The end result is most take this Mark of the Beast whatever it may be (your choice of them before God is my theory) then total destruction of those whom have taken the Mark not too many more days from the timeline I have provided.


Additional Theory:


I would also like to add this theory into the mix. Some believe that Jesus was born on 9-11-3 B.C. This makes more sense as they don't tend to their flocks when its freezing in December in Jerusalem. Here is a LINK

The following is just another theory:

Matt 27:46 And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? that is to say, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?

Matt 27:50 Jesus, when he had cried again with a loud voice, yielded up the ghost.

The scriptures say Jesus died around the 9th hour. By reading this LINK we can see the 9th Hour appears to align with 2PM to 3PM.  

An interesting theory is presented by Ron Wyatt whom says when the rocks were rent, it opened a crack below him to allow his blood to hit the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant merely 20 feet below hidden in an underground cavern. You can read that by clicking HERE.

Matt 27:51 And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent;

The Ark, he says had been placed there hundreds of years before. Perhaps his blood arrived at 3:11 PM on the Mercy Seat 20 Feet below through the cracks to complete a proper Jewish sacrifice. Ron states there was human blood found there.

What got me thinking about this was a song called "Remember me as a time of Day" by Explosions in the sky that started to play on my Pandora.

What if these time syncs we all get at the 11th of each hour are nothing more than Jesus sending out a reminder to every time zone each hour at the 11th of the hour that he died for mankind. This is of course a theory but could explain the numbers.



The Jewish Temple


Eleven strands of goat skin were used for the Temple as instructed by Yahweh.

Ex 26:7 And thou shalt make curtains [of] goats' [hair] to be a covering upon the tabernacle: eleven curtains shalt thou make.

Ex 26:8 The length of one curtain [shall be] thirty cubits, and the breadth of one curtain four cubits: and the eleven curtains [shall be all] of one measure.

Here is an ancient Jewish coin depicting the first Temple with the Ark of the Covenant placed within the center of the four pillars.



Here is a link to more details about the Eleven curtains of the temple. Very intriguing and you should look it over.

If 11 was a bad number the Almighty wouldn't have anything to do with the number 11 being part of his temple.

Ezekiel 40:49 The length of the porch was 20 cubits, and the width 11 cubits.

Ezekiel's vision of the courtyard of another temple he foresaw was 11 cubits by 20 cubits. These numbers aren't pulled out of thin air and have a specific reason for the dimensions. Would the Almighty choose the number 11 once again for a measurement if he detested it so much?



Jesus was born 77th from Adam that is 11x7

We are told in Matthew 18:22 to "forgive 77 times" which is 11x7 again

The Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in 11 caves

Jesus is believed to have died at age 33 or 11x3

There are 66 books in the Bible that is 11x6

Threre were 55 Prophets in the Bible that is 11x5

There are 11 Dimensions in "M Theory"


Ariel Sharon

The 11th Prime Minister of Israel died on 1-11-2014. This is pretty interesting.


Rune Stones Americas


Here was an interesting find awhile back as well. These Rune Stones were found with the dates “November 11, 1012 A.D.” and another “November 11, 1017 A.D.” carved into them. I must say if you take the time to do this into a stone then there might a reason for it and this 11-11 was significant back then.


Here is the link to Rune Stones Article



Some (11:11) November 11th Events:

I'm sure there are more but here are some highlights


The Mayflower Compact was signed on November 11, 1620 in what is now Provincetown Harbor near Cape Cod. It was the first governing document of Plymouth Colony which later became the most powerful nation on Earth.

World War I was ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month (Very odd don't you think)

The Berlin Wall was dismantled starting on 11-11-1989

Yasser Arafat died on 11-11-2004 (A trouble maker to Middle East Peace)

A quote from 11-11-1755 A.D.

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, Pennsylvania Assembly



I figured this number out after seeing 6:31 on the clocks all the time.

The 1111th minute in the 1,440 Minute / 24 hour day is "6:31 PM UTC"

Some other numbers people might see that are related to 11:11

101 x 11 = 1111

121 is 11x11

1221 is 111x11



More 11's in scripture

Genesis 37:9-10

Gen 37:9 Then Joseph had another dream and told his brothers about it. "Listen to this dream," he said. "The sun, moon, and eleven stars bowed low before me!"

Gen 37:10 This time he told his father as well as his brothers, and his father rebuked him. "What do you mean?" his father asked. "Will your mother, your brothers, and I actually come and bow before you?"

Joseph had 11 brothers whom later with Joseph became the 12 Tribes of Israel. He was saying his 11 brothers as well as his father and mother would bow down to him.

This aligns with the symbolic description of the Woman of Revelation:

Rev 12:1 Then I witnessed in heaven an event of great significance. I saw a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon beneath her feet, and a crown of twelve stars on her head.



Parable of the 11th Hour

(Jewish days start at 6 AM thus this is 5PM)

Matthew 20:6-16

Mat 20:6 And about the eleventh hour he went out, and found others standing idle, and saith unto them, Why stand ye here all the day idle?




Saros Numbers


I've also thought of numbers as being possible Saros numbers which are numbers given by NASA to categorize periods of time with certain eclipses and so forth.




Some of my 11:11 - 1:11 experiences and numbers of the like


It was about the year 1999 that I started to notice the number 911 all the time. How does one notice a number more then any other? Well I guess until you experience this you will never know. For Example, I could turn on my phone to check the time and there it was 9:11 AM or PM. This is a year + before Sep 11th 2001.

I noticed the number 911 enough to become alarmed at what on earth makes me notice it so much. It got to the point that my friends would even play along because they noticed I noticed it. I was making room on my older PC at the time and wanted to install some software. I deleted a bunch of things and then checked only once to see how much room I have left on my hard drive and it was 911 megs free.

At this point I was like wow that’s too weird because it just kept popping up already before all of this. I started to tell my friends that the only thing I can logically make this out to be might be Sep 11th of some year an unknown event will take place.

I had no idea the event just this number and that it might be a date as that seemed to be the easiest connection.

I reminded them again and again as 911 kept coming up afterwards and then the weekend before the event I reminded them all again that Tuesday was the day. I reminded my boss the day before the event that tomorrow was 9-11. They all thought it would be any normal day, and they as I were completely shocked with the events that manifested on that day.

Before September 11th I arrived at 911 megs free on my hard drive, I again a month after this needed more room again so once again I started to remove files from my computer. I was almost expecting once again to get a number I can identify with. It was 1.11 gigs free.

I didn't find out until later that there are 111 days after 9-11-2001 left in the year.


I was starting to get 3-11 as well. I awoke from a dead sleep to look at the clock and there was 311.

If you take 911 days after 9-11-2001 you arrive at 3-11-2004

The Madrid Spain Train Attack was 3-11-2004.

The third terror attack was in London on 7-7-2005. This was rather strange as I awoke with a song in my head that I hadn't heard in a long time on 7-5-2005. The song was Uncle Albert admiral Halsey. I listened to it several times on my computer and read the lyrics and there is an interesting thing in the lyrics. It says "if anything should happen we'll be sure to give a ring". The night before the attacks I had a loud ringing in my right ear at 9:11 PM. I was then expecting something to happen within 24 hours and I was correct when I saw the news in the morning.

Another strange thing occured on February 18, 2010. I was at my friends place in Austin, TX when his TV made a loud popping noise at me at 9:11 AM. I was expecting something for that day because of this. This is the day that guy flew his airplane into the irs building in Austin, TX that same morning. This was only 3 miles from where I was at the time. Here is a link to that article. LINK

One final prediction I made was for the year 2004. My friend Vannesa asked me if anything would happen that year and I replied "something biblical before the end of the year". I told her about September 11th before it happened so she wanted to know if I had anything else. Right on time the Tsunami occured on Sunday, 26 December 2004 a few days before the end of the year 2004. The death toll was estimated at 230,000 people across fourteen countries.

Another strange thing occured in the year 2005 to me. I was asleep and dont recall dreaming at the time when a loud voice says "Awaken!... Awaken!!... Awaken!!!" each time getting louder. It was paced slowly and very deep but loud with metalic type echos to the voice. I awoke sweating and terrified. I have never heard this voice before or since again. The time was right around the Jewish Passover of 2005.

One final interesting thing that happened in 2005 was I had a vision of Jesus. I was researching if people are still obligated to follow the 10 commandments. That very night as I was drifting off to sleep he appeared to me in what I guess would be called a vision. Very crisp and clear and not very long. He was standing in what seemed in a white environment and he was wearing a full length white robe with sleeves and had a blue piece of clothing draping over his shoulder all the way down to his ankles. It seemed to be a looped piece of clothing not just a towel hanging off the shoulders. He was wearing sandals and in his right hand were what appeared to be the 10 commandments as they were stone and shaped like rectangles with rounded tops and he had two of them. His left arm and hand were stretched out to the 4 o'clock position. He didn't say anything to me just appeared in this fashion. The interesting thing is his clothing and skin glowed the colors they were. His skin glowed the color of his skin which was a slight tan and the white robe glowed white, his blue sash giving off a blue glow. I was watching a movie called the Gospel of John a few days later and found the person whom acted as Jesus in that movie had a very similar appearance. Here is an image link. The only difference is Jesus as I saw him had a slightly longer beard and no grey hair. I guess I'll leave it to the reader to interpret. I take it as He is the commandments and the two new commandments encompass all of them.

For example I was at my friends BBQ the day after I looked up these words associated with 414. I just started to get 414 like I did with 9-11. I had my phone off the whole time and no clock was present.

I lifted up my phone to turn it on out of the blue and it was 4:14 on the nose. I was watching the movie Moses the next day with Ben Kingsley and the DVD paused at 4:14 PM for 2 seconds. There was no problem with the DVD before or after that. Coincidence is indeed possible but rather strange.


Here's more examples of "syncs" I get. Some people say you will notice the numbers on the clock at least two times a day. These are beyond clock watching and I rarely post those anyway although I get them all the time.


I was driving and had reset my cars odometer to 0 miles . My console made a loud popping noise that alerted me to look down and see the mileage turn to 91.1 miles into my trip.

My watch was stopped at exactly 5:11 down to the second hand

My watch was stopped at exactly 2:11 - The watch runs on motion generated from my hand so when I take it off it night it will eventually stop.

My watch was stopped at exactly 12:11

Traveling in another car it made a popping noise like the time from above but in a different car. I looked down and it was 6:11

I was sleeping at my friends place on the couch. The TV made a loud popping noise so I put on my glasses and checked the time on the clock it was 1:11. I have started to notice that something alerts me to the time by making this popping noise on the TV. The funny thing is it was turned off at the time but I've seen this happen weather off or on. It is very loud and gets your attention. So there is an intelligence alerting me to the time. The most interesting part of this was I actually heard a male voice say "It appears to be a change in pressure" then his voice faded away as he left the area. It is especially loud on DLP (Digital Laser Projection) TV's more so then on LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) monitors or TV's.

My monitor made a popping noise at me at 8:11

While playing poker with my friends, the person to my right turned on his Iphone. The time was 9:11 PM (Large numerals hard to miss). During this same game the guy to my left turns on his Iphone at 11:11 PM (Large numerals hard to miss) I didn't say anything to them but they seem to have unconsciously looked at the time. They weren't messing with their phones during the game except during those times.

I was watching a DVD (seems to happen alot with DVD's) when the video stopped playing. I was thinking ok there is probably dirt or something on the disc so I was about to get up when I noticed the timer was stopped at exactly 11:11 into the video. The video then proceeded to play once I discovered this. I rewound the DVD to before that scene to see if it was indeed a surface problem with the DVD as you would expect it to stop in that very same spot. The DVD continued to play without any problems the next time through.

Watching Movie with Friends and the DVD stopped all of a sudden. I looked at clock and it was 11:11. The others saw it too and then they looked at me lol.

Watching Movie at friends place and the IPOD on top of his TV turned on by itself and the time was 11:13 on his clock. I ran up  to see what song it was as there was no sound and all I caught before it turned off was "Collection" in the title. The greek word for "Sign" σημειων has a numeric value of 1113 in Greek Gematria.

● I was watching the movie "PI" and the spot in the movie where the crazy Jewish guy talks and says Kabbalah, my speakers shot up very loud and the time was exactly 11:11. Kabbalah is the study of numbers as they relate to the Hebrew language.

I was filling my MP3 player with about 45 Gigs worth of songs and ran out of room on a song labeled "Don't lose that number". I was amused thinking about this on the way into the office that morning. I mean what are the odds I have a thing for numbers and this is the song it stops on?

While I was at a red light a Semi truck pulled up on my right side and I looked over and the number "111" was on the gas tank in nice big numerals. It was a white tank with just those 3 numerals.

Searching for Disney stuff I was visitor 1111 on the page. In bold letters at bottom is the word "Paradise".

Doing a goggle search on word "Proskuneo" I had 1111 search results. I had no idea what this word meant or what the circumstance was for me looking into it but the result was amusing.

Phone call lasted 1 min 11seconds. As I hung up I also realized it was exactly 1:11.

1.11 Gigs of Music in my random play list. I put absolutely no thought into the list it’s just how it worked out and its still 1.11 Gigs to this day.

Was watching DVD movie that is 142 minutes long. I decided to stop it and finish the next day. I ran out to get some food the following day and when I sat down I looked at the timer on DVD it was stopped at 1hr 11min 01 seconds.


I was linked to an article and guess what ... I was number "111" for total page views.

I hit the grocery store the next day after those 2 syncs above. I bought 33 items and the total came to $111.09 - Yeah it was 9 cents over but ironic it happened.

I was with some friends relaxing outside and I started to get an ear ringing. The time was 6:11 when I looked.

I saw license plate ***-1111 and looked down at my trip odometer and it was 211.

Im visiting my friends place so im on the couch and the tv makes a loud popping noise so i put on my glasses and check the time and its 4:11 am.

I was sitting down and heard a woman call my name so I turned on my phone to check the time and it was 4:11

At 1:11 pm i came up behind car 911-***

Turned on the phone and it was 11:11.

I bought 5 powerball and 2 waters price $12.11 then i cashed in my winners so the price was $6.11

I awoke this morning with a loud ringing in my right ear so i checked the time on my phone and it was 5:11. The time is really 4:11 since im visiting sister in mountain time zone.

My sister butt dialed me at 10:11 but it was actually 11:11 in her timezone.

I went to five guys burgers to get something to eat and the total was $11.11 when I got home I looked down at my trip odometer and it was stopped at exactly 111.1 miles. Heres a pic of the receipt

I was driving home from a trip and caught that I had 711 miles with 11:11 hours to go. Heres the pic

My watch was stopped at 11:11 the morning of feb 5th 2014. Here is a pic I took

I charged my dogs gps collar and the service I use alerted me it was fully charged with a text an email and the app at 11:11

I turned on my phone at 3:11 and Pandora radio was playing "Jesus is just alright"

I was fast asleep and woke up and rolled over and the clock was 11:11 PM

I was checking my stats for and it had 1,111 unique views for that week. See pic

I was listening to the radio and looked at the clock and it was 1:11 and the song said Dont stop believing by Journey.

My watch was stopped at 8:11 on 3-8-2014

I was visiting my sisters house sitting in the backyard by myself when all 3 of her dogs run out of the side dog door and try to come jump on me. I checked the time and it was 11:11.

I was driving down the road in Austin when a car with plate number CPM-411 drove in front of me then much to my surprise I look to my left and see another car with CPM-311 on its plate. The odds must be astronomical to have these numbers line up at the same time.

I was sitting outside listening to music when all of a sudden someone wispered into my right ear and said "Ryan" which is my name. I then proceed to turn on my phone by pulling it out of my pocket and checking the time and its 1:11. This happened on 3-29-2014.

I was at grocery store and heard lyrics of song playing "can you hear me calling" so i pulled out my phone and it was 10:11

Almost missed it but my phone alerted me i have an email and it was 2:11 when i looked

I was driving to meet a friend for lunch when i hear "Ryan" in my right ear and i look down at the clock and its 11:11 at that same time a car pulls in front of me with plate *** - 811

I got a ringing in my right ear and checked the time it was 5:11 on 5-20-2014

I was checking my stats for and there were 1,211 unique visits and 1,011 first time visits on 5-24-2014

I Caught 2:11 on the clock in my car and looked down to see 111 miles until empty at same time. Later that same day I was checking my stats for and there were 111 first time visits for the day on 5-28-2014

I did an internet test speed on my phone and the result was 5.11 upload speed on 5-22-2014

5-28-2014 checked stats on with a result of 111 first time visits also 6-2-2014 First time visits average was 111 on and on 6-4-2014 I had 111 visitors and 911 total unique views when I checked

I was messing with my Kindle Fire HD when I looked down to see there was 111 megs of available memory. Here is a pic I took

I got an email from amazon so I popped it open to check out the deals they were having. I clicked on an item and scrolled to the bottom and their were 111 reviews of the item.

My watch was stopped at 2:11 on 6-5-2014 here is a pic I took.

I was driving away when I heard a popping noise in my car so I look down and it says 111 miles until empty. The same trip I glanced down at my gps to show I had 111 miles until my destination.

I was checking my stats on 6-26-2014 and there were 1,111 unique views. I took a snap shot on my phone and then went to crop it in photoshop to paste here and it was 11.111 inches so I took a snap shot of that too! Heres the pic

Checking my stats once again I found 1011 unique views and the following day 111/888 views here is the 1011 pic and here is the 111/888 pic

Once again I checked my stats for 7-1-2014 and there it was again 111/888 in the same spot. Not the same pic here it is pic

I was in my friends car when I hear the popping noise again so I look at his clock and it says its 1:15 so I turn on my phone and walla its actually 1:11. This same day I was playing a game on my kindle when I decided to put it down and check the time and it was 3:11 on my phone. I also checked the version of the game I'm playing and its version 1.11

I was driving in my car when I look at the time and its 5:11. As I was looking at the time my left ear started ringing as well during this time.

I was driving home and decided to pull my home address up in the gps history and then launched the route. It came up as 211 miles to go.

I was checking my stats and there were 711 unique visits one day then 811 the next day. These are controlled by IPs and not by me clicking my own site. Here are the pics - 711 and 811. I checked again a couple days later and there it was again 711. I checked a few days later and once again it was 811 total and 101 average (101x11=1111) Heres that pic.

I was filling up my gas tank and let it top out on its own and it stopped at 11.11 gallons. Here is a pic I took.

I was playing my slot game on my kindle and hit the score of 111,111.07. Heres the pic

On 7-14-2014 I was playing a game on my kindle when I hear "Ryan" out of my right ear so I move my water bottle and look at the time and its 7:11 PM. The next day I head out to get a burger and shake and I was ticket number 117. Later on that day I looked down at my watch which is always set wrong and it was 7:11.

I was on the phone with my sister on 7-21-2014. I called her at 10:11 and at then a few minutes into the call my right ear begins ringing so I turn the screen of my phone back on and it was 11 min 11 sec into the call

I was sitting watching an old episode of Seinfeld on 7-21-2014 which was episode number 173 (1+7+3=11). Uncle Leo says to Jerry "I still have that ringing in my ear". I looked at the wall clock and it was 6:11. I get that ear ringing all the time with these numbers so I found this sync very amusing.

I was checking my stats and saw there were 888 views with 111 average and 111 views for that very day here is a pic. The stats reset every day as it only holds seven days then a day is dropped and the new one added on.

I was playing some online free play poker and decided to check the time on my phone it was 3:11 when I looked. I also caught 11:11 in the morning on the phone. When I drove home from getting something to eat this same day it said 311 miles till empty when I pulled in.

Playing more poker I checked someones stats and saw their average was 11.1. Here is the pic

Driving on a trip I saw it was 12:11 on the clock and looked down at the same time to see I had 411 miles until empty on my gas tank. I also caught 1:11 on the clock later in the drive.

Bought my lunch and the tax was $1.11 then proceeded to drive to fill up my tank and the ambulance in front of me had plate number 111 - ****

My watch was stopped at 2:11 on 8-4-2014. I snapped a pic

I was driving and had bluetooth on with a converstation and at 11:11 into the converstation my phone beeped to let me know I had a text

711 when I checked my poker stats Pic. Then later -1.11 on the S&P Pic. Then I was playing poker and the hands 9AA which is 911 came up two times on the flop and also 7AA which is 711.

I pulled into home and looked down and car said 111 miles until empty

Playing poker I checked someones stats and they had played 311 Hands so far see pic. Then while playing I hit 2.11 million chips here is a pic then I hit 1.11 million chips here is a pic in another sit and go game

I walked into my room and caught it was 9:11 on my watch. The watch is never set correctly so it was even more amusing when I checked the correct time on my phone which was 6:11 at the same time.

Once again I hit 2.11 million chips on another day playing poker here is the pic

I was thinking that tomorrow is 8-11-2014 and looked at the clock at it was 10:11

I was playing poker and hit 1.11 million again pic then once again 2.11 million pic

I was listening to Pandora in the car when the lyrics of the song said "just like the ringing in my ear" and my ear began to ring at the same time.

I had just let the dogs out to go the the bathroom and was laying in bed when my left ear began to ring so I checked the time and it was 1:11 AM

I was on a 200 + mile drive when I saw that my destination was 111 miles away and the arrival time was 11:11 here is the pic

Driving back I saw car with plate *** - 111 pull in front of me at 2:11 PM here is a pic of that

I turned on my phone and caught it was 11:10 then when it turned 11:11 a few seconds later the two clocks became out of sync one saying it was 11:10 and the main display 11:11. I screen grabbed it and noticed the original file size was 811 kb too! Here is the pic it went back to normal with both clocks at 11:12

I was checking my stats and noticed it was exactly at 12:11:11 on 8-20-2014 and saw I had 311 views for the week on average and 211 total returning visits to the web site I also checked again later and saw there were 211 page views for the day. Here is the 311 pic and the 211 pic

I was driving home and I noticed this large billboard on Interstate 35 "Who is Jesus" and looked down and I had 111 miles to my destination.

At 1.11 miles on my trip odometer my car made a loud popping noise so I looked down to see the 111.

I was playing online poker and the flop was AAA which is 111 and then looked at the time which was 10:11

My stepbrothers friend fixes PCs on the side I needed a new powersupply so we dropped it off at his address which was ironically 311 for the street number

I flipped on youtube to watch a video made by a person whom uses my calculators to find the 666 antichrist and noticed I was visitor 1111 on his video. Here is the pic

My kindle said I had 111 megs of memory here is the pic

I went to the grocery store and the receipt said I saved "12.11". Here is the pic

I woke up around midnight to let the dogs out and noticed my phone had strange icon on the top so I googled how to turn it off and I was visitor 1111 on the utube video. Here is the pic

I was sitting on the patio when I heard a loud popping noise as from the above samples. I then pull my phone out of my pocket and it was 11:11 AM.

I was checking my stats and saw I had 888 views with a 111 average for the week. Here is the pic I would also like to add that the image was 311 kb before being cropped and shrunk.

I was checking the powerball and noticed it was 111.1 million for the next drawing. Here is the pic

I was playing poker and went to a new table to find 5 persons three of which had the names "Ryan, Preach, Numbers" for their names and found this amusing as thats my name and what strange names to have at the table to begin with

I was with my stepbrother and he needed to pick up his kid from preschool. The address was 311

I went to the store and bought groceries for the week and the total came to exactly $211.00. Here is the pic

I came up behind a car with the plate number and it was 511 - *** which is nothing new to me but found someone had written on the window of the car "Ryan Help"

I was playing a game on my kindle when it just crashed to the kindle desktop and noticed it was exactly 4:11 and then something whispered into my right ear "Ryan" right after that

On 11-5-14 I was watching TV when it made a loud popping noise. I looked over at my clock and it was 2:11. The clock hasn't reset for daylight savings however so perhaps I was supposed to see 1:11?

I walked into the kitchen to see the timer on the microwave was stopped at 1:11

Caught 11:11 on the phone as I turned it on 11-9-14. I normally don't post just clock sightings but we are coming up on 11-11-14 so why not.

For some reason I felt compelled to see what time it was on my watch in the other room that is always set wrong on 11-10-14. I walked in and it was 6:31. That is the 1,111 minute in the 24 hour day.

My watch was stopped at 2:11 on 11-11-14

I was checking my stats on 11-11-14 and noticed the average page load was 411. Here is the pic

Busy day came up behind white truck with the number 111 for its ID here is the pic then was watching TV in the morning and the coffee pot on tv was 1:11 in the commercial. I then checked my watch which is always wrong and it was 3:11 then on the way home looked over to see address of 811 on a house.

I was checking my stats and this time it was 511 for the average when I looked here is the pic

I was checking my stats and noticed it was 211 views for the day so far. Here is the pic

I was with some friends going to a restraunt to eat and we were getting one of those vibrating devices to let you know your seat is ready. I looked down and the people before us were number 111. I was given 88 (8x11). The next morning I was leaving my friends place whom also sees the numbers like I do and I looked down as I was pulling away and it said range 111 miles for my gas tank.

Checking my stats one time in the late afternoon I looked to discover the average for the week was 611. Here is the pic

I was checking my stats as I normally do and two days in a row the average was 111 when I looked. Also it hit 1,111 unique views pic and then 711 average views for the week when I looked see pic

I was collecting my mega bonus on the poker app I play and it stopped on 111,000 chips here is the pic

Watching HGTV channel they post the gain in value of the home and it was $111,000. Here is the pic

I decided to open the ad on my kindle main screen for a game. It had 111 (5) star reviews. Here is the pic

My stats when I checked had an average of 311 page views. Here is the pic. Then it had 811 First time visits. Here is that pic

I was tracking a package and noticed it had left the facility at 2:11 AM. Here is the pic

My game I was playing on my kindle crashed and walla it was exactly 5:11 PM. I preceded to catch 6:11 and 7:11 as well. I also drove by a parked car with plate number 611 - *** the same day on 12-3-14

Checking the stats there were once again 311 page views for the day pic, 1011 total views pic and 411 total views see pic

Hit 311 two days in a row on the average stats. Here's pic one and pic two

Driving home from the grocery store I looked down to see my trip odometer at 111.1 miles and then when I pulled into the house I looked at clock and it was 12:11 on 12-10-14. Played some poker and entered tournament and the estimated wait time to begin was 1 minute 11 seconds.

Driving home from a 200+ mile trip I saw at 11:11 it estimated my arrival time at 2:11. Here is the pic

I was checking my stats for the day and it was 111 visits for the day at that point. Here is the pic

I recieved a notification at 11:11 that I needed to allow some updates on my phone. Here is the pic

I had a ringing in my ear at 8:11 PM on 12-23-14

Checking my stats as I always do it was 888 total with a 111 average on first time visits. Here is the pic

At 10:08 almost exactly the song by REM "Its the end of the world as we know it" started to play on my Pandora station. Whats the big deal, well Armageddon spelled in Greek totals to 1008. Its done this before so I recognized it again. Here is the spelling in Greek αρμαγεδδων

I was stopped at a gas station when a cop pulls out of his parking space. His squad car was number 111

I was checking my stats and there were 1,111 unique visits for the week when I looked. Here is the pic

My T.V. made a loud popping noise on 1-4-15 so I looked at the clock and it was 7:11

I awoke from sleep at 1:11 AM on 1-5-15

Checking my stats I had 111 page loads that morning when I looked

I was sitting in my sun room when there was a loud popping noise so I checked the time and it was 10:11

I was playing my poker app and the person above me had 111.11 in chips and they were level 211 to boot. Here is the pic.

Checking my stats I had 311 hits for that day here is the pic. Once again as with the above stats I hit 888 total with 111 average when I checked my stats.

On 3-1-15 I hear "Ryan" in my right ear and look over at the clock and its 12:11

My TV made loud popping noise on 3-2-15 and it was 1:21 on the clock or 11x11.

Playing poker the flop was 8AA or 811. I looked over at the clock and it was 1:18 at the same time

The recent Supermoon Eclipse had some interesting numbers. Duration 1hr 11min and total eclipse at 10:11. Here is pic from the article. The year 1982 was the last one. I thought that one occurred merely 3 days from the time Ron Wyatt claims to have found the Ark of the Covenant on 1-6-1982.

1,111 Visits for first time visits on numberman web site controlled by IP views not me and when I happened to check the stat to find it. Here is Pic

111 and 311 average on page views and first time visits on numberman web site controlled by IP views. Here is the pic

The song "Time" played at 5:11 on my phone using the Pandora app. Here is the pic

I was checking the high score on a pinball game I like to find there were 111 High scores submitted to the web site I was looking on. Here is the pic

Pandora started to play the song "Time" by Alan Parsons at 1:11. Here is the pic

I get a ridiculous amount of syncs checking my stats so here's just a few I put into one image to avoid endless bullet syncs like the ones above. Pic

My watch was stopped at 5:11. The second hand is never set correctly with the time as when setting the watch the second hand will not move, meaning you have to wait until it reaches the noon position to correctly set the time. Here is the pic

I ran into the store to buy something I needed then decided to add one item for what I wanted. The tax was $1.11 and the total was $14.61. Here is the pic. The 1461 is amusing as you can see that is the gematria of my full name in Greek.

I changed the channel just in time to see that the movie "Terminator Salvation" had 1 hour and 11 min to go before being finished. Here is the pic

It was hot outside for the last part of summer and my car said it was 111 degrees. Heres the pic

I was backing up my phone pictures and when I hit copy it said I had 211 megs worth. Heres the pic.

My watch was stopped at 3:11. Here is the pic. As previously explained the second hand is never in correct sync with the watch.

I was checking my DVR list on the cable box and saw I had 111 events recorded. Here is the pic

Driving home from a trip I looked down to see I had 111 miles to go with the time being 2:11. Here is the pic. Now some will say you saw it coming, but actually I'm driving and more concerned with the road the waiting for my GPS to align. As with any sync you have to be looking to catch it like all the samples above.

I was sitting in a chair with my feet up when the person next to me says "Theres a cross on your Foot". I know I didn't put it there so it was pretty strange. Heres the pic and yes my socks a little dirty.

I was about to shut down my kindle when I noticed I had 111 megs of memory left. I've had this before on the kindle. This is a different pic.

I was opening an old 3D file in the Unreal 4 game engine and it started to compile 211 shaders. I thought neat so I took a pic and realized it was also 4:11 PM. Here is the pic.

I started to play some pinball on my PS4. Here is a collage of syncs with my rankings and scores. Pic

I was playing poker for the first time in 3 months as I had uninstalled, and wouldn't you know it the first table I go to there's the chip leader with 11.11 million chips. The maximum you can bring to this table was 2.5 million chips so they had been at the table awhile accumulating chips. You also can't choose your table only the stakes. He then leaves and is replaced by someone in the same spot that is level 111 in the game. Here's a pic, players faces and some art has been blurred.

Playing some more poker I was amused to be dealt pocket jacks which is the 11-11 hand as they are the 11th card in the deck. Then the flop is 746 in that order which is the Hebrew Gematria for "NumberMan". Here is the pic

I was looking up some video of that crazy UFO looking cloud that went viral on the internet awhile back. In the search I saw there were two videos that were 12:11 and 1:11 minutes long. The best part is I realized I did this search at 11:11. Here is the pic

I had my car checked for the check engine light and was there for almost 3 hours. On the way home I pass a utility truck with 111 as the ID. Less then a minute later I come up behind a plate *** - 1111 with the last four digits being 1111. Here is the pic.

I was driving back on a 200+ mile trip taking a new route. I put in my destination into the GPS and during the trip I looked down to see I had 111 miles to go as I passed County Rd 111. This picture is the second time I took the trip as I knew it was coming up and wanted a picture to prove it. Here's the pic

I met 2 friends at a new micro brew/ pizza place. I didn't notice I had picked table 11 when I sat down. My friend started talking about apple watches and the price not being bad compared to a luxury watch. I then showed him mine which was set wrong and it was 1:11 when I looked. Here's the table pic

I was googling the angel and devil on the shoulder topic and the first thing that comes up on the search is donald duck with a video clip 3:11 minutes long called "angel on my shoulder". Here's the pic

I ran a tool on my phone for the first time to see my data useage. It came up with Pandora using 111 megs the first time I checked. Here's the pic

I turned the channel and started to watch the movie "Scrooged". I wanted to make dinner, so I hit record on the remainder of the show. I decided to watch it the next day and looked through my recordings. I had hit record with 1hr 11min left in the movie unknowingly. Another interesting thing is I had 111 events and when I took the pic of my T.V. it was also 1:11 PM. Here is the pic

Was watching HGTV and there was bus 1111 behind the couple walking so I hit pause and took a pic.

Here is a collage of syncs from checking my stats this last week. Keep in mind these can change every second and these were the stats when I happened to look. Here is the pic

The first full moon since 1977 on Christmas will occur on 12-25-2015 at 11:11 UTC. I awoke at around 2 A.M. Christmas as I usually wake up a couple times a night and decided to check the web and my stats. There were 1,111 views on my site for the total that week. That sync is posted in the image above this bullet point. Here is pic of Full Moon Data.

I went to a forum I frequent and one of the more recent posts was made at 11:11 with the subject matter of "Garden of Eden". Here is the pic

I googled a topic of how to remove accent marks on Hebrew letters in my bible software and the page was 1_11 in the topics on the web. Here is the pic

I was checking out on youtube a pinball game I have never played. The first search resulted in a video that was 4:11 min long and was posted on Jan 21, which is 1-21 or 11x11. Here is the pic

If you have read my entire article or my other 11:11 article you will see I have been noticing 231 often which is I believe related to the end of the world. I was baking bread in a bread maker and happened to look over to see it had 2 hours and 31 minutes left. Here is the pic

I have a PS4, but was wondering the cost of a new PS3 was for my buddy. I googled the topic and saw the item had 211 reviews. Here is the pic

I was thinking about a movie I haven't seen in years called the "Kentuky Fried Movie". I googled it and saw an online movie reviewer had this listed as number 111 in his reviews. Here is the pic

I was checking out the dream section on the forum I post at and saw there were 911 views on a Topic I replied to about a possible event coming up in 2017 and then a week later it was 1111 views when I checked. Here is the pic

Here are yet more syncs from just one day. Keep in mind that unique visits are controlled by peoples IP's not me just tapping my own site to create a bunch of fake stats. Here is the pic

You may notice I posted another 231 on there. To understand why 231 you would have to read my update on this page above and how it possibly relates to the end of the world.

I was watching HGTV and they were sliding a new microwave into place and then showed the time to be 4:11 on the micro clock.

On 1-4-16, I was working on my PC when the monitor "popped" and the lyrics in the song I was listening to said "Look Down" (from a Dave Matthews song), so I did and sure enough it was 12:11. Then I ran into kitchen to throw away some trash and the coffee pot time was 2:11. It's always set incorrect and appears to have realigned with 11 after the hour. I've been working lately with the numbers in the Book of Daniel specifically Daniel 12:11.

Here is a ton of syncs just checking my stats for a week. These are controlled by unique IP addresses. Pic

I was googling the Eight is Enough theme song and saw it was 1:11 minutes long and saw another post of all the themes through its shows running at 11:11 minutes long so I took a pic and then realized it was 1:11 on the clock. Here is the Pic

I was on another 200+ mile road trip and put the address into my GPS to see I had 211 miles to go and had done this at 6:11 AM. Here is the Pic

I went to see a movie and when he brought my receipt for my food i was in seat 611. Here is the Pic

Driving home from my 200+ mile trip I was driving and heard a loud popping noise in the car so I looked at my GPS and scrambled for my camera on the phone to show it was 11:11 and I was passing County Road 211. Here is the Pic

On this same trip I decided to stop at Taco Bell which I've never eaten at in town. When I started my car after finishing the GPS said I had 11 miles to go with an arrival time of 2:11. Here is the Pic

Here are more samples just from about a weeks worth of checking my stats. Pic

I was listening to Pandora and saw that "Time" came on at 9:11. Here is the Pic

I was checking Key Words people have put into search engines to find my web site. Upon doing this for the first time I see that 11.11 % was "Greek Gematria" for that week. Here is the Pic

I was driving on a trip and looked down to see my arrival time was 11:11 so I decided to take a pic and also noticed I was at 111.1 miles into my trip from the time I reset my trip Odometer. Here is the Pic

On Feb 8th 2016, I walked into bedroom to see my watch time was 11:11 (I never set it correctly). The next day I noticed it was stopped at 3:11. Here is the Pic

I recently purchased a new phone and as I left the store a vehicle in front of me was *** - 111 for the plate number. This is the first Pic with my new phone as I left the store.

Here is a collage of several stats from different days. This is about a weeks worth and shows the averages to be the number I'm looking at not the other data. Here is the Pic.These are IP controlled not me just hitting my own site and I'm not checking every second to land on these numbers either.

I woke up around 12:35 AM and decided to see what else was on T.V. as I keep the T.V. on at night as I sleep. I saw the new Red Dawn movie was playing, but already part way through. I debated weather or not to record and saw it wasn't going to playing again soon so I hit record. The next day I was looking through my DVR and saw Red Dawn was 1HR and 11 min long as I hit partial record. This wasn't planned which makes it more amusing. Here is the Pic.

I was checking out my DVR recordings to see I had 111 events to record for the upcoming week. Here is the Pic.

I was reading a news article then tapped one of those other stories within the story to read some Hollywood type nonsense. At the bottom of the article was "711 Comments" for the article. Here is the Pic.

I went to the Doctor to get my annual blood test. I fasted for 12 hours and when the results came back to me it said my Blood Sugar was 111. Here is the Pic from the official paper work.

My DVR upon hitting the menu displayed I had 111 Hours and 0 Minutes left of recording space. Here is the Pic.

Reading an article I saw there were 111 FaceBook posts on the subject. Here is the Pic.

I installed Linked In on my new phone and there were 211 Reviews at the time of the install. Here is the Pic.

I was attempting to fix a PC of a friend and installed Windows Security Essentials. The install size was 11.1, here is the Pic


I get those ear ringing noises which can be attributed to Tinnnitus. The ironic part is it's usually some number with 11 after the hour like a prompt saying "Hey check the time"


I would also like to add that there are many other persons out there that experience these numbers as I do. Some are dancing around in robes opening imaginary gates others claim there are 1,111 midwayers which is amusing and yet others claim to channel angels for generic definitions of the numbers people see. I myself don't buy any of the crap their selling. Read my articles and perhaps you will find other more meaningful reasons for the numbers.




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