Why have I made this Web Site?


We're all tired of Church Dogma, and Televangelists. They are after your money. You won't find paypal, ads or banners on my web site. I give my own time and money to provide this free for all. I felt it was time for a fresh perspective on old dogmatic views for topics such as Satan, The Rapture, 666, and other things of this nature.

I've gone through the Hebrew and Greek Texts and reference their words rather then King James or current translations to give readers the best tools on alternative perspectives. The Articles section explains my views regarding various religious topics.

I explain why the fascination with numbers in my 1111-111-1010 article. I've also written many other articles that provide ample Hebrew and Greek references which give the reader deeper insights.

There are 66 books in the Bible currently which was determined by a counsel of persons. It's safe to say that there is plenty of room for human error with this approval process.

I would also like to add that I am not a Kabbalist nor am I a Mason or part of any Illuminati "Mystery Group".

As far as the use of Gematria, Papyrus 115 uses just 3 letters to contain a value adding up to 616. This is the oldest known fragment of Revelation. If Gematria is implied and this is the oldest rendering, were early writers into the Occult as some view the process of Gematria? If the bible is considered infallible then it would appear this isn't an occult practice, but something readers of that time were familiar with.

The Textus Receptus rendering of Revelation 13:18 uses 3 letters indicating a Gematria value.

None of my names total to 666 or 616 using either Greek or Hebrew Gematria by total or combining various combos.