My Dreams of UFO's and Aliens


I decided to share with you the readers some of my dreams I've had over the past 2 years in relation to UFO's and Aliens.

As you know by now from reading my other articles on Satan, Aliens etc.. I explain there never was such as thing as "Satan" as Christendom has come to explain him. The term Satan has always meant adversary within the scriptures.

The reality is these beings have always been what they are, and there is no evil overlord named Satan. They fly in craft and always have. Some were meant to watch over the Earth and some chose to give away forbidden knowledge to humans and genetically mix with humankind (according to the Bible).

The underlying theme of the bible is about mankind’s seed. This is why these beings are interested in people this way. They are the Serpent/ Watchers mentioned in Revelation, Enoch, and Genesis. They have no leader named "Satan", they as a whole are Satan meaning adversaries.

They are attempting to "mix with the seed of men" as mentioned in the book of Daniel.

Daniel 2:43 And whereas thou saw iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

In Enoch and Genesis it's written these "serpent beings" taught mankind forbidden knowledge and began inbreeding with humans. As you read my other articles such as the Nephelim you will see it's common throughout the scriptures and not just an isolated incident in Genesis. Now even if you don't think the Bible has anything to offer it certainly has some interesting connections with these types of events.

You many wonder how an "Angel" can do something like this. The scriptures don't go into detail regarding weather these beings have sexual organs or not. With the use of DNA it's probable they are merely inbreeding this way and have no need for reproductive organs to procreate with humans.

Some people think everything in Heaven is a spirit. The reality is "angels" are never mentioned as having wings in the entire bible. The only ones that do are the Cherubim and Seraphim. Those two classes are barely even mentioned in scripture. The Cherubim come in at about 64 times, the Seraphim can only be found mentioned 3 times in the entire bible. If you want those verses then read my Malak article.

The Messenger is mentioned about 388 times in both the Hebrew and Greek scriptures. It is simply called in Hebrew Malak (Angel) which means messenger and can be mistaken for mere men as in this verse:

Hebrews 13:2 Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained Messengers (Angels) unawares.


When people are abducted or allegedly abducted they all usually share similar experiences. They say it was:

1. Unpleasant/ Terrifying

2. Sexual in nature as if experimented on

3. The beings were in control and had some form of telepathy

4. The person/ Persons feel hopeless afterwards


Now I don't know the real stats on these things as I used to think it was all just people wanting to bring some form of attention to themselves. Keep those things in mind as you will then begin to see biblical connections with these modern day claims by people.

Here are now my dreams. I don't claim these to be inspired but they are interesting nonetheless and I thought I'd share them. If you have had similar dreams please give me a shout as I like to know as much as I can about this interesting subject matter.


The Dreams


3-??- 2005 (This dream came to me after I requested wanting to know what they look like)

I recall a dream where I was shown this creature that was slightly hunched over and had longer arms then a human would. I would put his elbow several inches above his knee and his "hand" then about about a foot from his feet. There was no frame of reference for scale so I'm not sure of it's height. His hands were more pincher like as I recall from the dream as if the way he clasps his hand and there seemed to be only 3 long fingers forming this clasped look, but it could have been four.

Its skin was a yellow/cream color almost as a scorpion and it had a rough texture almost as scorpions have. This was over the entire body of the creature. The eyes wrapped back on it's head like a mantis.

The head was a elongated oval shape that tapered towards the bottom. The eyes were large black oval like, buldging from the head and wrapping back like you would see on a preying mantis. This was very insect looking if I were to summarize the overall look. The only thing that resembled a humanoid on this creature was that it stood on two legs. The creature was spun around as if standing on a revolving device so I could see him from every angle. This is certainly not the standard verison of alien you hear from others since most describe humonoid grey beings of varying height.



I was with a friend on the walking path by my old house where I grew up. It was night and the sky had greens in it some cyan and dark spots. There was a large patch of white clouds that were breaking up in front of us. Then it got very bright in the middle because something was descending. I was startled wondering if the sun was coming out.

Then as it passed by the break in the white clouds we could see it was an alien craft. The size was about lets say 150 feet in Diameter when compared to the trees in the dream. It was a tall craft with about five raised sections protruding out almost like the appearance of a high tech Bunt cake pan with lights all over it. The main part of the craft was the thickest then 2 more below it that were about 1/8ths the thickness of the main portion of the craft. There was intricate piping type details on the surface of the craft. Anyhow it descended and we looked at it for a second then ran as fast as we could down the path towards my house.

We looked back to see if it started to follow us. It has a beam of light shooting out below it. We had a good head start on it almost like it didn’t notice us at first. Anyhow I get back home and my friend was missing and then I woke up.


5-18-2005 (Second dream that same night)

The second dream was I was in front of my house and was looking through 2 pieces of optical like prisms or something and I could see cloaked ships all over the sky. The prisim type lenses were amber and redish colored. The sky was filled with ships like Independence day, but there was a large variety of craft in all shapes and sizes. There were also lower craft zipping back and forth all over the place.

I showed my neighbor through the prisms so he could see them too, then I woke up.



It was night time, and I was with friends over looking a city. I'm not sure what city the dream was based in. There were AA tracers going into the sky shooting something we couldn't yet see.

Then large Alien ships uncloaked and started to shoot down some red beam that made a weird noise. The size of these craft were not like the ones in Independence Day (the movie). If I were to compare the two, these craft were about 2/3rds the size of the circle that opens up below the craft (About 3-4 Foot ball fields perhaps). The sound was like the sound you get when you haven't correctly plugged in a microphone to an amp and it makes that annoying buzz sound. It made the entire city glow like hot embers, but it wasn't burning it. Then they started moving towards us and we fled indoors and the dream was over.

Maybe the red beams were ways to paralyze or something as people and things stopped moving.


7-8-2005 (Although this dream contains "Prophet" I don't claim to be one)

I was walking along a street with some storefronts and all of a sudden this UFO zips by in the sky about 150 feet up and I alert very loud to everyone about it and they come running out to see it. It didn't feel like a modern day setting, more like the distant future as everything had a more rundown look and primitive feel. The ship itself looked only about 80 feet in diameter at best but it was hard to get a scope on the actual size.

It stopped in the sky and came back for everyone to look at it. It was saucer shaped with 3 spheroids evenly spaced on the bottom of the craft towards the outermost points. The whole craft was shiny metallic and very sleek looking. Two more show up and after that then several more. It made a shooting noise like it was going to zap us and a bird flies out. They start to do comical type things so people laugh.

Then they land and these beings get out that look like humans. They had a skin tone similar to us as well as 5 fingers. The beings didn't appear to have hair and perhaps slightly larger eyes, but not the large eyes like people describe of other aliens. They didn't seem to have the muscles in the face that we do in order to articulate facial expressions. They were wearing what appeared to be a white glittery type uniform. It was like a full body robe type outfit with sleeves. I don't recall them having shoes or boots.

They proceed to do military type things but they are more mocking military drills trying to get people to laugh. It was as if they were doing the routines you would see from the NAZI or North Korean type armies. Anyhow one of them comes up to me and looks at my shoulder and back area and says you are prophet of the bible or something as he could see the marks on me. I think he says what’s a prophet at age 50 doing here or something along those lines. I then told them I'll show them with some fireballs. This appeared to make him nervous, then the dream ended.

Here is once again a basic concept of the ship. The most notable thing that stood out was the use of 3 evenly spaced spheres below the craft. Not sure if its part of what moves it or perhaps landing gear of some sorts.



This pic of a UFO looks similar to what was in my dream IMAGE LINK


I was at a news studio and the news people were talking about Aliens or a spokesperson for the Aliens was going to talk to the world and it was going to be a Fox and CNN dual cast or something. The crew doing the show didn't seem like they were really in total belief, almost like "that’s neat" ok back to the weather and sports...



My sister and I we're in what looked like a high altitude desert mountain climate such as what you would find in northern Arizona and not the lush evergreens but more the brushy type trees and so forth with rolling hills and mountains. There was a rest stop or something along those lines near us with walk in large bathroom. It was then I looked up to see the Giant craft above us. They were large saucer mother ship things like in my other dream. They began to scan with some red lasers and I could feel the burn and irritation when it passed over me. We ran and there were now others too trying to get into this building to hide from them. I think there were about 2-3 of these ships over the area.

The size of the ships I would guess to be perhaps 3 football fields in diameter maybe even larger as it's always hard to get a size when something is in the sky. They almost appeared slightly like metallic maroon in color with darker and lighter patches of metal covering the exterior of the craft.



UFO type orb, I was looking far up into the sky and there it was. It didn't move at all.


3-11-2006 (Not a UFO dream, but interesting so I'll post it)

I had a dream I was in New York city and there was an earthquake. I was watching from street level and the buildings began to shake. Most in particular looked like the Chrysler building or the Empire State as the entire top was breaking off. I had my camera phone that takes videos and began to record the event. The top broke off and slammed into other buildings on the way down. After the quake stopped I played it back to make sure I had the video of it and it appeared it recorded it all.

I also recall there was a discussion about how brittle the metal in the building was. I think steal in the early years was more impure then to today’s standards.



I had a pretty long dream involving me flying in an actual saucer. I was able to fly up and check things out and I think I zipped out to space a long ways away as well as various places on earth. I think I recall a part where some dog tries to jump up and grab on and he came very close. There was a hillside with a village built into it when I got to the top that’s when the dog tried to jump up.
I don't recall the craft being closed in but rather a more open cockpit so I could look around it seemed to be made more of white or tan plastics or something.


4-12-2006 (Although this dream contains "Elijah the Prophet" I'm merely recalling the dream)

I went into a building that was like a congregation of people. The person giving the speech was fumbling in his speech so I then took over. People began to leave the room because they didn't want to hear what I was saying.

I then left that room and into the entrance room and said I am Elijah the Prophet and would they like to see a miracle. I then proceeded to make fire appear in my hands then I made my eyes cast fire. They began to run out of the building.

It was then I saw what appeared to be a group of aliens coming our way. I made it rain fire balls down and I wiped out a large portion of the alien beings. Then I proceed towards this hill and see more coming and decide to avoid them by climbing the hill instead. Then I'm grabbing tree roots trying to get some leverage to get into this little cavern opening that has another opening on the other side. The entire hole was about 4 feet long or something. Several of the tree branches kept breaking until I could finally pull myself into this opening.

Then I recall taking one of their craft. It looked more like a pad you laid on and folded up around your side and all you had to do was imagine flying and you did. I wanted to go see all my old towns and what became of them after this alien take over. I recall still seeing cars driving around as I lifted off and the dream ended.



It was another alien invasion dream. It was night time and myself and some people were looking into the night sky and saw hundreds of fighter jets heading off somewhere in the sky. The sky was clear as can be full of stars. Then some ships that didn't look familiar began to appear.

It gets fuzzy as far as the battle, but I recall this "giant" ship thing that looked like a dart (fatter end then needle) landing angled down but not on the ground completely. It was unloading these large spheroid glowing green things. The size of each would be in the range of 4-5 stories high.

Myself and whomever was with me began to run up a hill and we ended up by an open bank vault type place. We went in and I said perhaps we can hide in here. We looked around and under the rug was a chamber to open and hide in. I figured perhaps the aliens would be too dumb to know to look under there. We waited for awhile. One person with me and the other person had the chamber next to us for himself. I don't recall the ending but I think it ended more like the aliens could read your mind and knew we were there and pulled up the lid and took us.



I looked up and it was nighttime in the sky (was daytime moments ago) there is a jet airplane flying in the sky and a UFO doing triangle flight patterns around the jet at high speed. I fumbled to get my phone camera working and took one picture then dream ended.



I had a dream I was on a hill side with a bunch of people and we were UFO watching it seemed like day at the start then quickly to night. There were tons of sightings.

One came right over me and I could make out the shape sort of. It had the appearance of one of those radar sweep dishes that are the bent "C" looking kind, but it didn't have as much curve as a "C" it also had the appearance the C was mounted onto another shape like a bullet or something of that nature. It was hard to capture the exact look. When I looked at it, it was white and in the middle was a Blue cross hair type thing. The cross hair resembled a flower pedal pattern in a way. The cross hairs them selves were like elongated oval shapes. I'm guessing it was 7 and here is a basic description:


It looks pretty close to this one in Medieval artwork on the ship IMAGE LINK

I also noticed there were these black helicopters hanging around by the trees on the hillside. One type was the apache looking variety and the others were more like those civilian kind and little bird ones. In the dream there were several types that flew by. Another came to the other side of the hill we were on and some of us ran over there to see about getting a picture.

There were some guys walking and jogging towards us and one looked like he was walking like a zombie, but then he straightened up and said he was kidding (as if he had been abducted or something and possessed)



Short glimpse of landed UFO - saucer variety about 120 FT in diameter in a Arizona type setting of sandy dirt and brush type plants. I recall it had a hatch that opened from below and it was on these stands.



I looked up at the night sky and could see the stars then I saw about 3 of them shoot off in various directions. I'll safely assume these were UFO craft as I saw an airplane slowly fly by after they had left the area. Perhaps I was looking towards the airport when I saw these star like ships zip off at amazing speeds.



I had a dream I was in this cart with about 6 of us and I was barely fastened in. The whole process involved me trying to fit into this little thing that looked like a roller coaster cart more then anything. There was a woman sitting next to me. I was hanging out the back as my legs couldn’t curl up enough and I was trying to fasten these straps to hold me in.

It was night time, we began to drive down the road and I remarked look up in the sky as it was a UFO coming out from behind the cloud then it zipped away as fast as light. I could see it as the moon seemed to light up the sky or the city we were in. The gal next to me said "are you crazy?" I said no look at that light over there that is the UFO that zipped away. I also recall asking what today was (in the dream) and it was January 1st (don’t know the year)



I was one of several passengers in a typical yellow school bus driving in an uptown environment with a few scattered tall buildings. The bus driver I recognized from my elementary school days. He points to the sky and says "UFO!" I look and all I see is a jetliner and tell him that. Then looking another direction I see a very large craft (Not huge - about 2 to 2.5 jetliners in diameter) traveling across the cityscape.

It was the typical shape of a saucer, but where the two bowls met it was a concave type crease. Also I noticed the craft was mostly metallic but also had blue parts upon the top half. We all start getting excited and I fumble to get out my camera phone to get a picture. I accidentally hit the wrong button so this makes me angry but I finally get the camera up and put it against the glass of the window to prevent the minimum amount of glare. I got one in then I decided to open the window to get better shots and proceed to do that. The craft was traveling about 15 miles per hour over a busy part of town so I had no doubt many people would see it. We don't follow it in the bus as it was about 1/4 mile away when we first sighted it and traveling the other direction from where we were going.

We came to a turn and slowed down and I had my head out the window and this lady says "Did you guys see that!?" I said "yeah but UFO's don't exist!" (with obvious sarcasm).

We turned another corner and I saw my friend standing there waiting to cross the street. He probably didn't see the craft from where he was but I still waved my phone but he probably thought it was more like I was going to call him later on.

I then recall being prodded by someone in the bus whom was annoying me. Then I woke up from the dream around 3:18 AM or so.



I recall some dream where this triangular black ship is flying into another cloaked in the sky. I was following this triangular black craft with my eyes then the ship did some backwards type flip manuever and must have docked within the larger cloaked ship, before this manuever the triangular ship stopped so it wasn't conventional thrust. It also was right in the sun so hard to see what was going on. Then the main craft appeared and was the typical looking saucer kind but larger, but didn't seem larger then a football field in diameter. Something was trying to shoot this thing down and finally damaged it's cloak ability. It flew over me and I could see the tear in the ship and the effect it had on the sky from distorting and cloaking as one side wasn't working anymore whereas the other half was still functional.



There was this telescope set up to look out over a part of this city (not sure which one) to see if people see any UFO's - sure enough one shows up then it comes closer to where we are at. It was a small type craft where it seems like room enough for the person and it had a clear top to it and silver bottom I could make out there was an occupant with something attached to his head. I waved my hands and he swung by us several times each time getting closer. The final time he is over me and then I wave goodbye to my friends because I'm pretty sure he's stopping to take me somewhere. I then recall being in a hallway and giving him the friend wave. I then am sitting at this table and he is there and some other guy who is telling his story about how he got there and something about him saying people think he crashed into the ocean or something. Balding head mustache guy who kind of looked like Dr Phil if I were to describe him. I then walk over to the small craft that is sitting on the patio. I ask how does it draw power and the alien walks over to tell me and then the dream ends.

The alien himself looked to be about 5 feet tall maybe - more elongated type head slightly greenish/ yellow tones of skin and long black eyes. Didn't say a word, just hung out.






In this dream I'm with my sister on this covered dock of sorts by the water side. Then this UFO appears and I start to get excited. The craft came in closer about 100 feet away from us and I pulled out my camera phone to get some video of it. The craft was metallic salad bowl looking but the bowl shape was upside down. The craft had all kinds of detail about it. I tried to capture a rough look as you can see from the image above. The biggest part was the front was completely see through with this large windshield so you could see inside it. There were also patches of these black areas below and perhaps creeping up the sides in circular and oval formations. It had the appearance of the polished volcanic glass rock but without any defections.

The thing got in real close and I could actually see inside and see the occupant driving this ship. The ship itself I would say maybe 30 feet in Diameter. The ships top was covered in various antenna of all types (not included in rendering). He was sitting at this control panel desk thing or something along those lines in the very center of the craft with something slightly blocking his face like a 6-7inch tall by 3 foot wide panel but if you looked harder you could see him. I could make out what seemed like supports curving in from the walls that met up with him in the center. I didn't include his sitting area in the image above. The comical thing if was it looked like he was having problems keeping the craft perfectly steady when glancing at me through his window.

The alien within this ship was a taller looking "grey" type with a grey skin to him. The craft was well lit from all the sun coming in from these giant windows in the front and possibly what seemed like a duplicate along the back side. His head seemed more like the triangular features with the black eyes more so then the short guys with the larger rounded heads and more sinister looking. His suite or skin looked like tendons protruding out most notably were around the shoulder area. These tendon type things popped out on the surface of his grey suite. Hard to say if it was his anatomy or just what he was wearing. It then got to the point where more of them go out and I knew we were in trouble.

I knew one of them got behind me and I felt a needle go into my lower back towards the outer fat fold of the waist. This actually felt real when I woke up as if I really had been poked with a needle.



During this period of time I recall seeing this being on my patio. He looked to be armored up as if part bobo fet minus the jet pack (Star Wars) and part Predator looking. He was standing there with a staff of some kind that was black metal rod looking and around 6 feet tall. The armor looked to be browns in color and covered the entire creature including his face. He was no more then 5.5 ft tall as well.




I've read the book "Above Black" which explains the U.S. cover up regarding communication with the "Greys". It's a short book that explains his role within the government. I have no idea if he's for real or not, but knowing what I know about bible prophecy I think his story is legit. It's only $6.00 if you purchase the online PDF version. You always have to approach everything with an open mind so have a read its worth it.

Above Black Link

I recently came across a news brief called the Disclosure Project. I must say my jaw about dropped when I heard the testimony of retired military persons who had above top secret clearance. They tell in front of the camera what they know and it's more then you can comprehend. Captured alien beings, craft, reverse engineered craft that can do beyond the speed of light or better. These are Doctors, High ranking military officials and others who tell what they know to get it all out in the open. Here is a link so you can watch the press release for free.

Free Video Link - 2001 Dicslosure Project Press Conference



I'll continue to add to these as I get more dreams.

Hope you enjoyed.



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