Some of my favorite Links that you may find useful as well.

UFO Evidence - Many great pictures that make anyone think


Book of Enoch - Online Book of Enoch provided free


Book of Enoch - Study of Facts regarding this book


Prime Number Calculator - For finding Prime Numbers


Bible Works - Best Biblical Study Tool on the market, Unmatched! - but not Free


Dictionary - For those of us who don't spell very good


Wikipedia - Encyclopedia


Ron Wyatt - Site that shows Ark of Covenant, real Exodus route etc... Very cool


USGS - Earthquake Mapping of Earth


Solar System Coordinates - Tool to punch in coordinates


History Channel - Historical Facts that are useful


Conversion Table - Metric to Feet - Volume - Weight etc...


Calendar Conversion - Gregorian, Hebrew, Islamic, Julian etc...


Days Between Dates B.C. to A.D. - Days between Dates - B.C. dates accepted


Days Between Dates - Another more detailed calculator for days between dates


Days Between Dates - This one includes the time of day as well in calculation


World Time Zones - All times around the Earth