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I updated my articles on 11-11. I have added additional dates and things related to the topic and what I think it all means. You can find those here. Link-1, Link-2



I added a new addtion into my 666/616 article about the "Abomination that causes Desolation" It's not what you've read before. Have a look.



I added some new syncs into my 1:11 article along with a new theory on the 11:11 phenomenon. Click Here to read it



I added quite a few new syncs into my 1:11 article. If you still think seeing repeating numbers is clock watching have a look at my examples that have nothing to do with the clock.



I just finished updating all my articles by fixing broken links as well as swapping out all images of Hebrew and Greek text with actual unicode letters.



I'm phasing out images that display Hebrew and Greek text and swapping with unicode. I'm having trouble getting the Hebrew to read right to left correctly, but will sort it out sooner or later.



I made a significant update to my Nephelim article. You can read it my clicking HERE



I added new "syncs" as I call them into my 111 article. I also added a new theory to the 111 or 1111 phenomenon into both articles. CLICK HERE



I did some clean up and added some new material to my articles.



I added more and more experiences to my 111 article. I see the numbers all the time on the clock. These are beyond seeing them on the clock and add the good ones for others to enjoy with pictures as well.



I fixed a few more broken links. I think I got them all. I also added a few more new 111 - 1111 experiences into my article



I fixed some broken links in one of my articles. They are tough to keep on top of because web sites and links change so often.



I updated some of my articles with a few new lines otherwise nothing new.



I recently uploaded several thousand rows of data for the Hebrew Gematria search engine. I have about 1k left to upload which I'll do when I'm back from vacation. Try the search engine with the new data here.




The search engines are fixed and I added all greek words that occur in scripture. There are currently 5,624 Greek entries. I'm onto the Hebrew now which will be finished in a couple months.

Try out the Greek Search Engine here.



Currently I'm working on the website. The search engine is broken and will be fixed when I can get to it. I'm currently working on all Greek gematria that is located in the bible. This will take some time to complete then I will finish the Hebrew so its all in my search engine.



The Hebrew and Greek Gematria calculators are now up and useable. They have changed from Flash based to html based so Iphone and Android users can better use them more effectively.



I'm in the process of changing out the calculators to html rather then flash so iphone users can use the tools as well. They should be both swapped out in the next couple of weeks.



Has it been this long since I updated? Still alive and kicking and updated my 11:11,1:11,10:10 etc.. article. Look for other updates as well.



I added a new dream to my UFO Dreams article - its the last one on the page with a new rendered image of the craft and description of the alien driving it.



I did some clean up work on my articles and updated a new experience on my 11:11,1:11,10:10 etc.. article. I added some new UFO dreams in that article as well.



It's been awhile. I've built a new custom PC and installed and just got my Adobe software all installed now so this is a test to make sure all is synced up.



I added a new dream to my UFO dreams Article and added some basic visuals to provide the reader with a better understanding of the content.



I added 131 new words to the searchable Greek Database. These can only be accessed using the Search Engine option.

If your are looking for a value then make sure you have the proper button selected or nothing will come up - the same goes for english and Strong's Reference numbers.



Continued updating my articles with new content as well as just organizing and cleaning them up.



I'm in the process of adding some more helpful buttons to navigate the site.

I've added "Home" and "Articles" options on the top of the pages to make it more user friendly. I updated some of my Articles which are now highlighted in red so you can see what is new.

Isn't the Stock Market amazing by the way?

We can have record trading yet we import more then we export, record home foreclosures, the average debt of a US citizen is coming to a climaxing peak, the value of the dollar diminishing, extremely high gas prices, GMC ousted as the number one car manufacturer by Toyota yet up it goes as if nothing is going on. So you can see they have the blindfolds on and will keep trading until it falls out from under them. Be careful with your investments as I assure you it will crack soon.



Here is an article on the BBC talking about 2 UFO ships being spotted by different pilots from different sides of the craft. These craft were estimated at around 1 mile in diameter by the pilots.

LINK - 1

LINK - 2



I added 200 New words to the Greek Gematria Searchable Database. These can only be found by using the search tool. The regular pages take too much time to update so those will only be done when I have added at least 1,000 more words.



The New Hebrew Gematria Calculator is ready to use. There is one minor tweek I'm having my friend look at, but for the most part it seems correct and stable with the new features added in.

You can find the new one by clicking Here




Driving into work on 1-29-07 I noticed a strange hole in the clouds. The entire sky was overcast which made it stand out more. Anyhow I took a pic of it although my camera settings were set for close up so that is why the image isn't crisp. You can see the funnel myst formation falling out of the hole in the clouds. The real event was far more clear and interesting.


Much to my surprise NASA recorded this event on the very same day 1-29-07 as they popped up all over the southern parts of the USA. "Natural" event or something else? I'll leave that to your imagination and let NASA work on damage control.

NASA Link on these HOLES


UFO pic which has a similar cloud falling effect below the craft: LINK to PICTURE




I added a new article called My UFO Dreams. It's about my dreams I've had over the past couple years in relation to UFO's and Aliens. Some might find it entertaining and interesting. Hope you enjoy.



I added help links to using the Gematria Calculators. It gives samples of other names and the process involved so you can better understand how to do it correctly. Go to either the Hebrew or Greek calculator pages and follow the Help Links. The new features for the Hebrew calculator are still on the way and it's only dependent on when my friend gets more time to add the features.



I've been busy, but I thought this headline was amusing that was released to the major sources of News around the world. UFO over O'Hare International Airport. I had a dream a week before this press release. In the dream I see a UFO and noted the date in the dream to be January 1st. Another dream was a week before this one. I was watching UFO's hanging out towards the airport.

FOX News Link on UFO

CNN Link on UFO (Weird Weather)

CBS News Link on UFO

This news was released to the public on Janurary 1st, although the incident happened back in November. They are saying it's a "weather thing" or an "illusion". Here's the real "News Flash" they've been here for a long time and they will eventually take over the world when it's "Go" time.

Keep your eyes in the sky and maybe you'll get to see one. Disks, Glowing Orange Balls, etc..


12-10- 06

I added a small snipit into the Nephelim Article regarding Demons and where they originated from.

I hope anyone who comes to my site enjoys what I offer. I'm working with my friend on another enhancement to the Hebrew Gematria calculator. Besides the standard method of calculation there are 7 calculating methods that are used in the Jewish community.

Do I believe there is rhyme or reason to these other methods? Well I'll put them into the calculator so you can see for yourself. It's only a tool to do your own discovery.


Here is an image of what the new features will look like once it's been programmed in Flash.



Here are the assignments:

Katan Method:

It goes 1-9 and starts over to 1-9 until it goes through the alphabet. The final letters are in Red. The order of the final letters are Caph, Mem, Nun, Peh, and Tzadik


1       Aleph
2       Beth
4       Daleth
5       Heh
7       Zayin
8       Chet
9       Tet
1       Yud
2       Caph
3       Lamed
4       Mem
5       Nun
7       Ayin
8       Peh
9       Tzadik
1       Kuf
2       Reish
3       Shin
4       Tav
5       Final Caph
6       Final Mem
7       Final Nun
8       Final Peh
9       Final Tzadik


Ordinal Method

Assigned straight - 1 to 27

1       Aleph
2       Beth
4       Daleth
5       Heh
7       Zayin
8       Chet
9       Tet
0     Yud
11     Caph
12     Lamed
13     Mem
14     Nun
15     Samech     
16     Ayin
17     Peh
18     Tzadik
19     Kuf
20     Reish
21     Shin
22     Tav
23     Final Caph
24     Final Mem
25     Final Nun
26     Final Peh
27     Final Tzadik


HaKadimi Method

Letters are added together as you move up the alphabet. Sample Aleph (1) + Beth (2) = 3 for the value of Beth and so forth. The Final letters retain the value of the regular letter equivalent.


1       Aleph
3       Beth
6       Gimmel
10     Daleth
15     Heh
21     Vav
28     Zayin
36     Chet
45     Tet
55     Yud
75     Caph
105   Lamed
145   Mem
195   Nun
255   Samech     
325   Ayin
405   Peh
495   Tzadik
595   Kuf
795   Reish
1095 Shin
1495 Tav
same as      Caph (75)
same as      Mem (145)
same as      Nun (195)
same as      Peh (405)
same as      Tzadik (495)


Shemi Method

This takes the spelling of the actual letter and uses that value for the letter. Example Aleph in Hebrew is spelled Aleph/Lamed/Peh which has a value of 111. Therefore the value of aleph in this chart is 111 and so forth with the other letters in the alphabet.

1 11   Aleph
412   Beth
83     Gimmel
434   Daleth
6       Heh
22     Vav
77     Zayin
418   Chet
419   Tet
20     Yud
100   Caph
74     Lamed
80     Mem
106   Nun
120   Samech     
130   Ayin
81     Peh
104   Tzadik
186   Kuf
510   Reish
360   Shin
416  Tav
same as      Caph (100)
same as      Mem (80)
same as      Nun (106)
same as      Peh (81)
same as      Tzadik (104)


There is one final method that I'm choosing to leave out. It takes the square root of each number and keeps squaring as you reach Tav. The numbers become so large this way I see no point in even having the option. Look for it as soon as I can get my pal to program it for me.


10-3- 06

I added 93 new words into the Greek searchable database. I've run across my first 666 entry and you can see that by going to the search tool and inputing 666 into the "Value" slot and then searching that number. Make sure when looking for words or numbers you have the correct slot selected. Value is the Gematria value, English is the obvious English word you are looking for, Strong's is a biblical reference number that is a modern standard for cataloging biblical words.

If you only know part of an English word just input that and the results will show anything I have with just those letters.

No asterick such as in " Man* " is necessary when performing partial word searches. Just inputting "Man" will result in "mankind, man, etc..."



10-1- 06

I added 355 New words to the Greek Data Base. You will only find these using the search option as I haven't yet updated the standard pages that list the words. The reason being it takes lots of time to update those compared to uploading data to my PHP data base online. I'll update the other pages when I get about 500 new words or more so it's worth the time. So if your looking for new words use the search tool in the Greek section.

If you want to search them they are Strong's Numbers 1707 - 2064. Strong's is just a reference number and has no link to any Gematria Value of a word. I still have a long way to go to have all the Greek words and Hebrew in my database, but its moving forward.



I just added a contact email option to reach me if you have questions, comments and so forth regarding my website. Feel free to contact me and I'll be sure to write back.

In order to avoid being deleted as Spam, use "ManofNumbers" in the Subject Line so I can quickly identify what is spam and what isn't.

That should work pretty well to avoid having your message to me being lost in all the spam.

Here is the email address again:



The Search pages have been repaired somewhat from the server migration. You can no longer search using Hebrew or Greek, but at least the letters are showing up correctly. Maybe with a little more back and forth tech support it can be restored to the original features.

I'll try to get some new words uploaded as soon as I can. If you are really wanting to know the value of any word you can always use that biblical concordance link on the search page which gives you the english translation and correct spelling of any word.



My web provider recently migrated me to another server and in the process messed up my search tools. The English, Strong's, and Numerical inputs still work, but the unicode Hebrew and Greek letters are coming up with strange symbols rather then the correct letters. I hope to have it resolved or I will drop them as my provider.

I fixed some links in the UFO article. Some web pages are constantly changing so I try to keep up to ensure my links are all still going to where they need to.



I uploaded all the New Greek words to the standard search pages. I also added 100 new Greek words to both databases.



There are 350+ new Greek entrys in the Greek searchable database. I still haven't updated the standard pages with the new lines. This will be done less as that is more time consuming then just uploading new words to mysql.

The Search tools are 100% operational now as well. Simply select what your searching for by hitting the appropriate selection and input the English Word, Greek/Hebrew, Value, or Strongs Reference number. If I haven't gotten to them yet they won't come up obviously.

If your looking for Greek make sure your on the Greek page and vice versa for Hebrew searches.




I just uploaded 150 New Greek entrys. I hope to have 150 more this morning. I'll update the standard pages later this afternoon, but the searchable database already has the new words.



If you check out the Hebrew and Greek Calculators you will see the added function of factoring that auto-generates as you input the unicode letters.

Copy to Clipboard icons have been added as well so you can copy paste things easier.

The Factor seems to be working perfectly. I'm not sure how high it can go, but most people won't be making values beyond the 9,999 mark unless they are rewriting chapters of the Bible.



I've been pretty busy of late, but hope to get the factor tool added into my calculators in the coming weeked or next. Also I would like to get the search tool finished up so it accepts the strong's numbers or values to ease a search.



There is now a searchable page link on the Gematria Calculator Pages. If you want to know what the value is for an english word then input that into the search area. The Gematria Value and Strong's search boxes will also be added to help people in speeding up their searches. Content is still being added, so even if no word comes up today, it might soon when more words are added into the database.

It's still in the testing stages, but appears to work when looking for an english word. Also if you only know a partial part of a word or just want to know what comes up then no " * " Wildcard asterisks are necessary. Simply just type part of the word in and it will show all results.

Here are the page Links to this new Feature:

Hebrew-English Search

Greek-English Search



The Hebrew factors are up now. I'm working on getting MySQL data base working so I can have a word/ number search on the site and it will enable people who don't know Hebrew or Greek to find the English words faster.



I added all the factors for the Greek Gematria values. I removed the Bible Usage section as I think that would be too time consuming to pursue for now. I'll have the Hebrew factors in later today.



I swapped out the Gematria Charts on the Calculator pages with Unicode letters and smaller images to save on load time.

I'm looking into adding another feature to the calculators as well. It would auto calculate the Factor for you. So if you have a total of "121" for example the factor would be 11x11. Also I would like to incorporate the Gematria lists into the Flash tool so as you input words it will bring up what totals to that same value for you. Also an English word search would be added. This is ongoing of course as I want a complete list of Hebrew and Greek from Aleph to Tav and Alpha to Omega.

I would also like the input areas longer so you can do sentences rather then just a small cluster of words. A copy to clipboard feature would also be added. Currently you can do this now my double clicking the text area and using Ctrl C and Ctrl V.

Here is a sample image of what I'm talking about. This is just a quick mock up to show layout for features to come.





I updated the Greek and Hebrew Gematria lists with new words. I should be able to put some more time into this now and keep it going until I have them all going off Strong's reference words.

I'll get some samples of those Biblical Stats as soon as I get some time as well.




I added a New Section in the Index page which will have the detailed statistics on numbers that occur throughout the scriptures. Ever wondered how many times 7 or seventh occurs? Well look no further. I'll put a few up for now to show the example of what I want, but it will take some time to finish the list. I moved the Calendar related Tools to Page Links so I would have room for the new page category.

Updated the Writing on the Wall article to include more content dealing with Babylon the Great.



Fixed the Links in my UFO Pics Links article. Sites are always updating and changing things so I try to stay on top of it. If it's a reference link I'll keep it even if the page was expired so people know where it had originally come from.



I've now tested NumberMan.Net on Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer.

I've seemed to have worked out all the bugs. They are all slightly different when viewed on each of the browsers. Both Opera and Firefox use larger spaces when displaying the Gematria lists. If you want to see a more confined list then use the Internet Explorer browser. The major graphical glitches have been taken care of such as misaligned graphics and missing graphics.




All articles now have a link at the end that takes you to a printer friendly page. I made sure the pages don't leave a sentence on the last page so you waste any paper. I've also swapped out all the graphics of the Hebrew and Greek letters with Unicode ones wherever I could to save page load times.

Firefox Browsers - I'm currently working on fixing bugs so all displays correctly with this browser. I've already cleaned up a few bugs on the Gematria List pages where the top banner was missing.

I'll try to get some of the new words uploaded as well. The goal is to get every word used in scripture tagged and put into the list eventually. I will do it, but I've been occupied with other parts of the site etc...



I added a large section into Satan Part III discussing the Hebrew word Belial בליעל. This should clear up any confusion regarding that word in the scriptures as well.

I'm also working on making all the Articles Printable. If you look at the Satan articles, I've added at the end of them a page link that is printer friendly. Go to those links within each article and then use the preview to see if you want to continue with the printing of that page. I still recommend color as it helps break up the content and makes it easier to read. The color usage is minimal for printers.



I've been updating all my articles by swapping out the images of Hebrew and Greek with the actual Unicode letters. This should lower the page load times by a little bit and make them look better. I'm also always scanning through and making sure they are very easy to follow along with and rewording them if I find I haven't explained something in the easiest way possible.



I added a new shorter article called Satan Part III. I made this so people who have read the other two articles on Satan wouldn't have to sift and find the new content. I'll further expand that one as well once I finish researching other books from the Dead Sea Scrolls. Even if they aren't "Biblical" they give us insight into word usage and Satan is used within those texts as well and I'm anxious to research it and share what I find. I have no problems with reading books left out of the common 66 as the methods for determining those were left to the "Church" anyway.



Here is a sample of the name for "Caesar Nero" in both Greek and Hebrew. Yes thats correct no 666 or 616 for his name when spelled with the proper Greek and Hebrew letters.


Here is the Final Screen Grab of the Greek Calculator




Here is the Final Screen Grab of the Hebrew Calculator



Give them a try on the Links provided.



The Help window is now functioning in the Greek Calculator. This will help people get the right sounds when transliterating names. To find the correct spelling for biblical names refer to the concordance link which is very easy to use. The Hebrew Calculator was updated as well. You no longer need to hit the Calc button as it's automatic. It was replaced with a space key. The Greek Calculator will also be getting the space key so no calc button will be needed. Capital letters are also enabled by hitting the Shift key, the middle Sigma can now be produced by using the Alt key.



The help window is up and running on the Hebrew Calculator. The Sofit values are also now working for the Hebrew calculator. Simply activate the button then by pressing Shift you can use Final Letters in the text window. These letters will then be calculated by using the final values when those letters are present. You can toggle the Sofit values off and on and it will recalculate each time so you can see one or the other without having to retype the word.

The Greek Calculator will be getting a help window as well so users can transliterate names if they don't know the sounds each letter makes. Also the shift key will be enabled so we can have Greek capital letters. Another hot key will probably be made to produce the middle Sigma letter. This way users won't need a seperate tool to write Hebrew or Greek and can do everything within the Calculators themselves. This will be helpful for anyone wanting to make their own lists of Greek or Hebrew words.

Once again thanks to my amazing friend whom has made this tool possible and making it unmatched for any Gematria calculator on the Entire Internet. If you don't believe me then do a search and see how terrible the competition is.



The Calculators are fantastic if you haven't tried them. My friend will be adding a few more features to them. The Hebrew Calculator will enable final values in the Final letters by pressing a key so they are added that way. Any text that is pasted in to the window will then calculate those values when the Final Letter key is activated. Also a help window in the top left area that tells you what sound a letter makes when you are over a specific Hebrew or Greek letter, so you can learn how to transliterate names even if you don't know Hebrew or Greek. I Might go ahead and add a shift type function so capital letters in Greek can also be written out. Currently it accepts them pasted in, but doesn't write them out. Also another window will be added to the right that allows the user to temporarily store the words they've added up so you can see several words at once and the value. If you leave the page then your data will be lost, but you should be able to copy paste that into a word document to keep it for yourself.



I added the Hell Article. This is only the first part that shows words related to the topic and some of their origins from one language to the next. I'll eventuall have a Part II to go along with it and refine the current one.



The Hebrew calculator page is up and running. It requires Flash to operate. Simply click on the calculator and update if needed. If you copy paste Hebrew words into it and hit the recalculate button it will give you the correct value. It can also handle several words at once as in a sentence, but is limited to the range of the box to do this. I’ll estimate it can handle up to 6 - 7 words in a sentence.

The Greek Calculator is also done. This tool uses Unicode letters just as the Hebrew one which everyone has built into their operating system. This means any Greek or Hebrew text you find on the internet will paste into the calculator and it will add it up for you provided the site you get the fonts from also use Unicode. Its becoming very common so I don't see this as a problem.

If you don't know Hebrew or Greek then goto an online Bible and look up the words you want in the Concordance and it will give you the spelling and you can add it up from there.

A special thanks to my friend whom did the Flash coding for me. You won't find a better tool on the internet that can do this. Most use substitute letters to represent the Hebrew or Greek alphabet. The ones I've seen all over the internet are very clunky and annoying to use. Hope you all enjoy.

I might offer up a pay pal version so people can have them to do their own research without being connected to my site. Perhaps combining both the Greek and Hebrew into one Floating window tool. The copyright is burned into the calculator so we'll all know where it came from.

I'm also about 70% done with a new article on Hell. I as always show the Hebrew and Greek words and make it easy to follow along unlike other sites which use standard translation to make their arguments. Hope to be done with it as soon as possible.



Added about 600 new Hebrew and Greek words. I was going alphabetically, but decided to add up some more of the interesting words so have a look.



I've checked my web pages on other popular browsers. This is best viewed in Internet Explorer. Firefox is a very popular browser, but all I can say is I either make it work on one or the other. Some might see misaligned images which are unfortunate, but my web making tool most agrees with Internet Explorer and not Firefox.

I just finished restyling the Gematria Pages. I will be able to get more of them in much faster this way then the other. I'm also adding one more feature besides the numeric value and the Strong’s reference numbers. I will be listing the number of times that word occurs throughout scripture unless I find it to be too much extra work. I'll give it a go, and I think it would be a nice extra bit of information for those out there that are curious. I'm awaiting a unicode function in the software I use so I can paste these words in their search bar so it will streamline that data for me. For now I've left the spot open for Bible occurances.

I'm still learning Flash. I find the tools are rather clunky compared to other software packages that animate such as Adobe Premiere. I hope to replace my temporary ones with something more "Flashy".

Also the Hebrew and Greek Gematria lists will be tempting for other to steal as it will be very easy to do and put onto their own web sites. Therefore I will also insert Greek and Hebrew words throughout the list that only I know and will only be detected if the person goes through each one. This way I will be able to tell is someone copied all my content and are using it as their own. I hate to do that but I'm not doing this so other sites can take advantage of my efforts. Feel free to link to the words and reference them, but don't copy the lists as your own and put them onto your web pages.

Hope your enjoying the site. It's a lot of work to make one but fun to see the end results. I will be protective of my content.

Take Care



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