Some Alien Conspiracies

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9-11 Conspiracies

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Here is a brief summary of how I think they did it. They didn't use real terrorists because they could muck up the entire operation if they missed their plane by being held up by security and so forth. Even if they let them in the door with the keys they wouldn't risk some poorly trained monkey bar terrorists. The guys they let into the country with passports (See Video) were the poster child’s we all hear about and how terribly they actually flew.

This was a Military, CIA operation. The CIA took the planes as hijackers and piloted them back to a military base because they don't want to die because they're not really terrorists.

They had plenty of fuel to go to several off limit Air Force bases they operate. They did this by fooling radar. A Military plane gets within range of the passenger plane and switches identity with the passenger plane and continues on as the passenger plane that was just highjacked. I actually figured this one out before I even heard the CIA has been developing this for years. (See Video)

The CIA agents on board the passenger plane overtake control and by someway assign the passenger plane with a military transponder. The radar then thinks this is a military flight and pays no attention to it when all passenger planes are forced to be grounded. The passengers are either dead or in some military prison underground held against their wills.

By watching the videos we can see that there is some computer generated errors happening with the footage the News Media released. This interesting video shows some strange ball object hitting the second tower. This video reconstructs the entire scene with computer generated angles and simulations and overlays with mainstream media released footage. (See Video) In a later broadcast the ball is gone and there is an airplane in its place.

Too many people in on it? Well the CIA has people everywhere and dirt on them. You get a nice payday and you get to keep your dirt in the closet for just cooperating. These people will work crap jobs to blend in for years until they are needed.

The angle at which the second proposed plane hit was out of view of most people. The amateur shot they show of a plane hitting actually shows the left wing go behind a building that is behind the building it hit (See Video). Throw in panic and explosions and insert CIA liars within the crowd to say they saw an airplane and walla.

The Pentagon was something similar. Why else don't they release all the footage from hundreds of cameras at the Pentagon and around the surrounding area. They don't want to deal with all these really smart people looking at every pixel to see the faked compositing like what is happening at the world trade centers. One heck of a shot to knock out all those financial records. I think 3 Trillion is going to be a problem not an accounting error.

The Pennsylvania flight was obviously not a real plane since planes don't disintegrate yet paper survived the disintegration and fire (See Link) There is no way cell phones work in airplanes due to the speed of the aircraft and height. Here is a Video Link on the impossibility of a cell phone call from those heights and speeds many years later with better technology.

I would also like to add that if the private sector can duplicate or modify the sound of your voice with technology (See Video) then surely the CIA has had this for years. These alleged phone calls on the planes to relatives were simply using a more advanced technology and they knew all about these persons lives that they could convince the relatives it was really them on the other end of the phone. All they need is for you to say a certain phrase or extract it from tapped phone calls and they can fool anyone listening into thinking it's actually you. You surely must be joking if you think they would have no time or money spent figuring this one out.

The very next day we get the already drafted “Patriot Act” (LINK) which takes away your civil liberties because they are causing panic to let them “protect you”

Osama Bin Laden and his actor doubles

Just because you see a guy shooting guns on a video and climbing monkey bars doesn't mean they are who they are being played as. The Osama Bin Laden videos don't even look like the same guy when he's talking about how unexpectedly well the attacks went. Maybe they should of hired a better make up artist. This is probably why they gave the real Osama Bin Laden weapons to fight the Russians knowing they were going to use this guy as their poster child for terrorism down the road.

If the Government can give you a new identity in a witness protection program, they can indeed conjure people out of thin air including people who supposedly died on 9-11-2001 and alleged terrorists from around the world.

Reading my article on the Shadow Government can enlighten you into why they are going to these lengths to fake all these attacks. I have many other articles that explain the correct explanations of bible prophecy.